9 Wedding Activities That Aren’t Dancing

When planning out your wedding day, it’s fairly typical in many cultures to include time for dancing. Dancing is such a fun form of celebration, but that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you’re not the dancing type or you know that your guests won’t be into dancing, there are so many other options to provide entertainment for your guests. Here are our 9 favorite types of alternative wedding entertainment (with examples) that don’t include dancing:

1. Photos

Photo Booths

Photo booths have become super popular over the years, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! There are so many different varieties of photo booth to choose from too. From self contained to ones with big backdrops, film, digital, ones with props – there is something for every vibe – and you can even use them as a form of guest book too! Here are some types of photo booths to consider:

  • Magic mirror – a full length mirror with a hidden camera inside
  • Backdrop with ring light and digital camera
  • 360 glam shots
  • Vintage photo booth (like the ones you used to see in malls and arcades)
  • Photo booth bus/ vintage camper

Disposable or Instant Film Cameras on Guest Tables

Putting out cameras on guest tables is becoming a trend again, and we’re here for it! Even as wedding photographers, we always love when our couples leave out disposable cameras or Polaroid cameras for their guests to snap some candids on because though we capture a healthy spread of candids throughout the night, we’re just two people and can’t be everywhere at once. Getting your guests’ perspective of the night is so much fun, and they typically love to do it too!


Despite social media likely having a good look back at your relationship together, your family and friends don’t likely go back and dig through your Facebook albums very often, if at all. A slideshow is a classic way for your guests to be able to get a little look into your lives together and ooh and aww at how cute you two are! And it’s a great way to include your pets too if you have any that aren’t in attendance at your wedding.

2. Art

Live Painter

Live painters can do everything from spend the entire reception painting a scene from your ceremony or first dance to painting smaller individual portraits of your guests. You can also choose your desired medium and style for the paintings. There are artists who will do impressionist style paintings, watercolors, fashion-style sketches, caricatures… to name a few.

Paint By Numbers

There are companies like this one that can take one of your photos and turn it into a custom paint by numbers canvas. One of our couples did this last summer, and the guests loved it! It’s the perfect interactive moment for your guests and can stay out all night for them to keep going back to whenever they need a break from the action.

3. Games

Board Games and Puzzles

Great for cocktail hour hangs or a late night dancing alternative. With minimal effort, you can set out a few tables and chairs with your favorite board games or puzzles and leave the rest up to your guests to enjoy!

Yard Games

Corn hole, bocce, ring toss, horseshoes, giant Jenga – there is a whole world of yard games nowadays. This is a great option for those warmer evening weddings or tented weddings where guests will be outside or can get outside for a little quieter alternative.

Arcade Cabinets

Challenge your guests to a game of Pac Man or Dig Dug. Bonus – it adds a fun ambience with flashing lights and those classic video game sounds.

Casino Tables

Bring Vegas to your wedding with craps, poker, roulette, and other fun casino games!

Carnival Games

You can go more DIY and do things like rubber duckies in a pool and balloons with darts or you can actually rent full carnival games! You can turn it into a whole theme and have fried oreos and kisses on a ferris wheel too if you’re feeling nostalgic for those high school dates at the local church carnival.


You can test your guests’ knowledge with trivia about your relationship, your favorite TV show, or just random assorted trivia. Also consider either hiring someone to do a longer trivia session or simply putting trivia cards on your guest tables.

4. Interactive Food & Drink Stations


You won’t want to back up the bar with super intricate cocktails (unless you have a smaller crowd or a lot of bartenders on staff). However, you could try a pour over cocktail. It’s like a science experiment! Have a designated bartender at the station to add booze to lemonade or another more light colored/ clear cocktail then have your guests pour their drink over hibiscus leaves or another flavorful and colorful flower and watch their drink change colors – so much fun!


Dessert usually falls during dancing time so make it more of a hands on experience for your guests to enjoy! Try one of these tasty treats:

  • s’mores by the fire
  • cotton candy machine
  • make your own sundae
  • cookie decorating

5. Guest Book

Voicemail Box

The latest trend in guest books is a recording device – usually in the form of a vintage phone like these ones – where your guests can leave you voicemails to listen to after the wedding. Make sure you leave it out all night too – the more drinks your guests consume, the funnier the messages will get!

Anniversary Letters

Leave out a pen and cards for your guests to write you messages to be opened on milestones – anniversaries, honeymoon, first big job change, etc. These will be fun to open days, weeks, and even decades later.

Polaroid Scrapbook

Polaroid scrapbooks have been a fan favorite for a while and for good reason – your guests will love taking silly selfies, doodling, and leaving messages in a scrapbook for you. Make it even more fun by including things like glitter pens, washi tape, stickers, and more!

6. Cozy Lounge

Fire pit

Good for any time of year – fires just bring people together and provide a space for warm conversation and cozy vibes. Try pairing it with an outdoor bar and some s’mores.

Comfy Couches

Couches and chairs provide a separate lounge space for your guests to relax and chat without having to stay at their dinner tables. And as a little bonus – they look cute and add an extra element of decor and relaxing vibes to your wedding.

Hammocks/ Swings

Beyond a comfy couch, swings and hammocks add an even more laid back vibe to your wedding. You can get fancy with some hanging egg chairs, tire swings in the backyard, or even light up swings like these at The Lawn on D in Boston.

7. Music


You might not be into dancing, but music is still a big part of the ambience of your wedding. Try getting your guests involved by letting them select music via a jukebox. It gives you a little bit of control over the selection of songs from the get go but allows your guests some freedom to choose the ones they like to hear!


Whether you’re a good singer or not, karaoke is just fun. Spice it up by having a live band there to play with you, and be sure to have a few microphones handy for your guests to sing into.

8. Live Entertainment

Drag Performers

Treat your guests to a fun drag performance with some of your favorite local queens and kings.

Dancers (cultural or otherwise)

Like I said, dance is an important part of celebration in many cultures, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the one dancing. Hire some professionals to show off their moves. You can make it a unique representation of your culture too – think hula, lion dancers, flamenco, and more.

Broadway-Style Performance

Did you know you can hire performers to do a Broadway number too? One of my favorites locally is Ten 31 Productions in Rhode Island who have done everything from 20s style dance numbers to Hamilton songs and dances.


Give your wedding Circ du Soleil vibes with aerialists performing. Your guests will be wowed with these performers sliding and swinging from silks high up in the air.

Living Statues

Our friends over at Ten 31 do these fun living statues too, and we think they’re something your guests would never expect! They’re painted to look like real statues and topiaries, moving only slightly to form different poses to intrigue and surprise your guests.

Murder Mystery

Want to extend the party and incorporate a little bit of mystery into your dinner? Hire a company like The Murder Mystery Co to come put on a full murder mystery show and include your guests in the fun. With just the right amount of cheesiness and not too easy to solve, your guests will love getting to portray one of the suspects.

Tarot card reader

Hiring a tarot card reader can be a fun way to bring your favorite witchy vibes to your wedding. Think there will be big lines waiting to have their cards read? Hire a few!

Fireworks or Drone Show

There’s a reason Disney spends so much money on evening fireworks shows – they’re crowd pleasers! End the evening with a little magical fireworks display or get more modern with a drone show – trust me, they’re just as cool if not more so than the fireworks!

9. Adults Only

Tattoo Artist

Love tattoos? Hire your favorite artist/ shop to create a flash sheet and do tattooing right at your wedding. What better favor could you give your guests than some sick permanent ink?

Alcohol tasting

If you love wine, beer or even spirits try having a little tasting experience like you’re at your favorite winery, brewery or distillery. Have a bartender designated for the tasting bar to explain the different drinks to your guests – cheers!

Cigar roller

If you and your crowd are into cigar, try having a cigar roller on site to roll and cut some fresh cigars for you all to enjoy.

Bud bar

With weed becoming legalized in about half of the states, celebrate with a bud bar in any form – edibles, vapes, pre-rolls. Or like the cigar rollers, your budtender could be there with different buds to choose from and have them rolled on site.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for ways to incorporate some other entertainment besides dancing into your wedding experience. Remember, in the end, it’s about you and your partner so just have fun with it!

Meaghan is the owner and lead photographer of Rhode Tripper Photography, an alternative, inclusive wedding and elopement photography company. She lives in Rhode Island, USA with her husband (and second photographer), Evan, and her rescue pups, Arya and Ginny. You can frequently find her hitting up all the best foodie spots, barcades, and music venues around Providence, RI

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