The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Bag Packing List: The “Oh Shit Kit”

Shit happens, but when it happens on your wedding day, which it almost certainly will, you want to be prepared. Between the years of being a wedding coordinator and a wedding photographer and my own experience at mine and my friends’ weddings, I’ve learned a thing or two about all the things that can go wrong on your wedding day and what items you’ll want in your Oh Shit Kit. If you know me at all, you know I love and appreciate a good packing list, thus I present with your ultimate wedding emergency bag packing list…

  • A bag (duh!)
  • water bottle – hydration is key!
  • ibuprofen
  • acetaminophen
  • non-drowsy antihistamine
  • antacid
  • inhaler (if you have asthma)
  • Xanax (if you have anxiety/ panic disorder)
  • eye drops (rewetting and allergy)
  • glasses (if you wear contacts) – and an extra set of contacts
  • tissues
  • lotion
  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • tweezers – good for stray hairs, splinters, and fixing broken jewelry
  • clear nail polish – great for fixing dented nails and also perfect for gluing beads and sparkles back onto dresses and hairpieces and also stopping fraying edges of ribbons and hems or runs in tights… seriously, this is a must have!
  • safety pins
  • mini sewing kit – here’s a link to my favorite
  • wine-away/ stain remover of choice
  • lint roller
  • dryer sheets – great for removing static
  • dry shampoo
  • hair spray
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastics (I also like to have some clear ones)
  • comb/ brush (or both!)
  • deodorant
  • anti-chafe stick/ baby powder – chub rub is real, and it is painful, kids
  • q-tips
  • hand sanitizer
  • floss picks
  • breath mints
  • bandages
  • ointment
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • makeup wipes
  • extra makeup for touch-ups
  • compact mirror
  • double sided body tape
  • fabric tape
  • shoe goo – yes, I’ve had people break a heel or rip out the strap of a sandal… just bring a back up pair of shoes too to be safe
  • snacks – you never know when you might need a quick bite if you haven’t eaten all day. I like to pack easy but filling items like protein bars.
  • portable phone charger
  • copy of timeline and vendor contact info – in case you need to give it to a friend/ family member to reference

What do you think – were there any surprises on here? Anything you think I missed and should add to my list that you found to be incredibly essential to have with you in case of wedding day emergencies

Meaghan is the owner and lead photographer of Rhode Tripper Photography, an alternative, inclusive wedding and elopement photography company. She lives in Rhode Island, USA with her husband (and second photographer), Evan, and her rescue pups, Arya and Ginny. You can frequently find her hitting up all the best foodie spots, barcades, and music venues around Providence, RI

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